Leaf Gel Products

Organic Aloe’s Juices and Gel range is naturally high in carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, soluble and insoluble organic fibres, amongst other essential vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Depending on the product you’re developing, we offer Organic Aloe’s juices and gels in three forms

  1. Reconstituted Aloe Gel

A formulated product that’s produced in 5 lt tubs and ready for customers own branded packaging or used as a base product for the customer to add to their own formula

  1. Aloe ferox Liquid Gel

Using our own patented method of extraction, this product comprises mainly pectin polysaccharides and other plant components and minerals.  

Water-soluble at 50-times the natural level, this product can be incorporated at the water phase of your formula. 

Used for-  

  • Skincare – Creams and lotions, suntan lotions, regenerative gels, balms 
  • Cosmetic – Facial products, shampoos, aftershaves
  • Food – Juices and beverages 
  • Health – Supplements 
  1. Fresh Aloe Juice

This liquid drink is made from the bitter-free extract of the Aloe ferox leaves, using the Organic Aloe patented method. We extract the juice from the leaves after the bitter fraction has been washed out.

Our final result is neither flavoured nor sweetened. 

Used for – 

Food – Juices, beverages and nutritional supplements.


Leaf Gel Product

Organic Aloe’s Aloe ferox Gel Powder concentrate is a spray-dried, bitter free extract that’s processed from the inner gel inside the Aloe ferox plant. 

The final result after processing is a fine powder with a white to off-white colour. 

We process and offer the Gel Powder in two forms

  1. Pure Aloe Gel Powder

+1700 kg of leaves are processed to obtain 1kg of gel powder

  1. Aloe Gel Powder 200:1

This is the Pure Aloe Gel powder mixed with the carrier Maltodextrin.

We process the leaves and add a polysaccharide Maltodextrin Carrier to create a standard 200:1 concentrate. This replaces the mass of common free sugars and salts that are too fine to precipitate, as well as rid the powder of the unwanted bitter sap and also to improve the solubility of the gel.

Used for –

  • Skincare – Creams and lotions for skin irritation, aftershave, suntan lotion 
  • Cosmetic – Facial products 
  • Food – Juice and  beverages for supplements 
  • Health – Medicines and supplements and or tonics 

The Organic Aloe Gel Powder can be incorporated into the water phase of your formulation by substituting the extract for a portion of the water content.