Aloe ferox Liquid Gelly


By applying a patented process, this product is manufactured using the following method.

The chaff obtained from milled Aloe leaves remaining from the Gel powder process is called weigh. The weigh chaff is placed in stainless steel pots where de-bittering takes place. De-bittering is a washing process that continues until the chaff is aloin free.

Through the application of a press and filtering process, aloe ferox pectin is extracted from the de-bittered chaff. The product obtained is light to dark brown and sets like normal jelly once it has cooled down. Aloe ferox liquid gelly, as it is known, forms the basis of the following products:



  • Aloe juices and drinks
  • Cosmetics products
  • Skincare products



Code Product Name Unit Packaging Used
ALG Aloe Liquid Gelly Pectin Kg Plastic Bucket, 5, 10, 20 Lt



APPLICATIONS:   Water-soluble aloe polysaccharides at 50 times the natural level can be incorporated into the water phase of any formulation by substituting the extract for a portion of the water content.

COMMENT:  The total solubility, high concentration and low cost of the aloe nutrients in this extract present cosmetic and beverage manufacturers with a unique opportunity to apply the product as a healthy and beneficial additive as apposed to a mere marketing tool.