Aloe ferox Gel Powder

Product overview and Production Process

The Aloe ferox plant derives its name from the ferocious thorns (ferox Latin), which cover the leathery surface of the leaves. These thorns protect the all-important life sustaining fleshy core of the leaf from Africa’s numerous herbivores.

There are three sections of the Aloe ferox leaf that are used to manufacture health and skin care products. Each of these sections contains various health-giving properties, all valuable to our physical well being.

The GREEN EPIDERMIS (skin). This is dried and milled to provide a valuable natural fibre that is used as a dietary supplement and health tea.

The aloin-rich BITTER SAP, which is found in vascular bundles under the epidermis. This has natural antibiotic and anti-fungal properties and is processed into powder, crystals or tablets for the detoxification and healing of the body.

The non-bitter inner, translucent and FLESHY FILLET is the nutritional core of the plant. This is processed into jelly (liquid gel) used in health drinks and white gel powder used as an additive for cosmetics and health products.

Code Product Name Unit Packaging Used
GP200:1 Gel Powder 200:1 (0 - 10 Kg) Kg Plastic Bucket, 5, 10, 20 Lt


This section of the Aloe is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, polysaccharides, enzymes and lipids all essential for good skin care. The cells in the inner fillet of the Aloe ferox are not only rich in healing properties but have an exceptional ability to retain water and are thus, highly effective as moisturising skin care agents.

The degree of concentration of these extracts is an indication of the aloe-polysaccharide content in relation to that found in natural aloe gel juice as specified by the USA Aloe Vera/Barbadensis model.


Gel Powder

In this whole leaf extraction process fresh aloe leaves are pulped and pressed to obtain a golden liquid containing a mixture of both gel juice and bitter sap. After fine filtration, a self-sterilising organic solvent is used to remove the bitter sap and to extract the gel juice solids. This bitter-free precipitate is spray-dried to produce a fine powder containing only unique aloe gel nutrients.

APPLICATIONS:  It is preferable to blend the pure Aloe Gel with Malto Dextrin, or Lactose, or Purac (Lactic Acid) to achieve a user-friendly final product.

Aloe Gel is a superior skin penetrant that exhibits soothing, healing and regenerative properties, internally and externally. 

GP200: 1 can be incorporated on its own or as a liquid suspension in all types of skin lotions, skin creams, regenerating gels, facial tonics, after shaves, shampoos, suntan lotions, sunburn protective, balms for skin irritation, as well as health beverages and tonics.   

This commercial starch replaces the mass of common free sugars and salts that are too fine to precipitate, as well as the mass of unwanted bitter sap.  It also serves to improve the solubility of the Aloe Gel solids, which are partially insoluble in pure water.  This practical final product is called Aloe Ferox Gel Powder 200:1.