Aloe ferox Bitter Fraction

Dried to yellow powder

Aloe ferox Bitter Powder

A fine bitter powder spray dried from bitter raw juice.

Can be capsulated and used as a natural laxative and detoxifier.

Aloe ferox Bitter Raw Juice

A thick bitter sap tapped from fresh aloe leaves.

Bitter Lump



The fresh bitter sap, collected from aloe ferox leaves is boiled using the traditional method. This process can take up to 5 hours when boiling 100 kg of bitter sap up to the point where dehydrated aloe lump is obtained.





Bitter Powder



This is an alternative process to the traditional lump/solid producing method. Bitter sap is collected from freshly harvested leaves, filtered and spray-dried to produce a fine powder.




Code Product Name Unit Packaging Used
BBC1KG Aloe Bitter Lump  Kg Plastic Bag
BBC20 Aloe Bitter Lump 20 Kg  Pack  Kg Box, or Steel Drum
BCP1KG Aloe Bitter Lump Powder  Kg Plastic Bag
BCP20 Aloe Bitter Lump Powder 20 Kg Pack Kg Box, or Steel Drum
BPL1 Aloe ferox Bitter Powder 1 Kg Conv Kg Plastic Bag
BPL2 Aloe ferox Bitter Powder 2 Kg  Box Plastic Bag & Box
BPL8 Aloe ferox Bitter Powder 8 Kg  Box Plastic Bag & Box
BLKALJ Aloe Bitter Raw Juice  Kg 25 Lt Plastic Drum

Harvesting and processing of Aloe ferox Bitter Sap

The harvesting of bitter sap and processing to lumps has been practiced for many years. The aloe lump with its high aloin content is a sought after product. It was mainly exported to Europe where it was and still to this day undergoes further processing and finds its use in medicinal and pharmaceutical products.

The harvesting of aloe leaves is done manually

  • The bottom rows are collected from each plant and stacked in a circle. This is done in order is to collect additional sap that filters out of the leaves.
  • The extruded sap is collected and sieved into a clean container supplied by the company to the harvesters or “tappers”.
  • Products sold to the factory by approved “tappers” are labelled with relevant information so that the finished product may be traced back to its original raw material.
  • To ensure that raw materials used in all production processes are safe, all purchases are strictly controlled and monitored.


The company buys the harvested sap from selected “tappers” and processes it. The results are lump, lump powder or spray dried powder.

APPLICATIONS:  100mg of ABP taken internally produces a natural laxative. It is also known to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and arthritis. Its pesticidal/fungicidal nature also has the effect of eliminating parasital organisms in the digestive system. Applied externally it stimulates hair growth, exhibits an insecticidal tendency and appears to enhance healing when combined with aloe gel nutrients. This makes the product ideal for digestive tonics, insecticidal preparations, treatment/pet shampoos and body lotions.